Monday, September 19, 2005


The Washington Blade recently began publishing columns written by homophobe James Guckert (aka Jeff Gannon, aka Bulldog). For those of you who do not remember, Guckert is a former right-wing pseudo-reporter who was removed from his White House reporting post after it was revealed he was/is a gay male prostitute. During his time at the White House though, Guckert managed to help the Bush administration slowly push its vicious and homophobic agenda upon the American people.

After such a past, why is the Blade now allowing a man who shunned the gay community to now lecture the gay community through a regularly published column? I can only assume his column exists to add an alternative perspective to what is largely considered a liberal rag. However, is Guckert's perspective really what our community and movement needs?

Of course having a discourse that includes various ideas is always welcome in any movement. Without a diversity of ideas, a movement can easily become a failed one of demagogues shouting inflated hyperbole that is mocked in the general public square. Yes, diversity of thought is a good thing. It allows a movement to be more real by forcing it to face the reality around itself. I do not question the need for perspective, I question the need for people like Guckert to give it.

In this case, it is ok to (metaphorically of course) shoot the messenger. When it comes to the gay community, Guckert is not a credible or reliable source. The Blade should also be ashamed of itself for giving Guckert a forum to better his reputation. While it is sensational to have a homophobe writing for a gay paper, his views do more harm than good. What's next for the Blade, a column by Mayor Jim West? Guckert's opinion wastes column space that could be utilized by more credible voices that have perspectives we should have the opportunity to hear.

Rather than being sensational, the Blade should take its position in our community more seriously. If it wants to be known as a paper of record for LGBT people, it needs to focus more on positive dialogue instead of conservative repartee that exists more to incite anger in us rather than to enlighten us.


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